Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me Made May'12 days 4 - 10

Howdy partners,

Hope we are all rootin and tootin now the rain has gone away and the sun has come out to play.  I realised I was serrrrrrrrrrriously behind on my documenting of Me Made May'12 and to just put a spanner in the works I also clocked that several days had not been photographed.  So I've done some mock ups but I've tried to bring out the spirit of each garment using my facial muscles and strong poses :)  It's up to you to decide whether I have achieved this or indeed just look like I've ruptured a vessel.

Friday - Day 4
A trip to London for a meeting and the need to project the look that says I am stylish yet efficient - the obvious garment to achieve this was the Bet Lynch Eat Your Hear Out dress

Delilah modelling my apron and the top of half of my next project.

To give the dress a little more zing I added a handmade brooch courtesy of the fabulous Kirstin Stride.  Her jewellery is gorgeous and every piece is hand drawn so each one is unique and will liven up any outfit. She's also starring as Miss Monday in Zoe's Me Made for others May.

It had been a long day in London so the slippers were straight on.

Then it was time for a lay down with a wine and a little TV.

Saturday - Day 5 

The Minnie Mouse Sencha and a stretchy skirt.

Twinned with my mended Tatty Devine Jarvis specs.

That day was v productive - I learned to knit and how to make handmade bread courtesy of a great tutorial from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  I can confirm it was phenom and is the way forward.  I can also confirm I fancy the pants off Hugh :)

Sunday - Day 6

The Luck of the Irish got whipped out for an afternoon spent exploring Brighton's open houses with some fabulous friends.

Me Made's faithful leader Zoe and the lovely Elena of Seamless.  After all the snooping we settled down for a well deserved bevvy.

Monday - Day 7

Spent the day getting the hang of knit and purl in the lobster Macaron and was every inch the relaxing day a bank holiday should be :)

Tuesday - Day 8

I had a private view to nip to for the fantastically talented Sarah of Rockcakes jewellery and the maker of my much loved heart of gold brooch. I then had a knit bootcamp to hop to at Purl so I needed something to rush about in so the You Are The Sunshine of My Life skirt was just the thing.

Wednesday - Day 9

The rain was coming down but I was bringing the sunshine out with the 60s Summer Holiday dress.

Thursday - Day 9

Again the rains came down but I thought what the hell bring out the flamingoes and have a margarita and make like I'm in Barbados instead of Brighton.

Friday - Day 10

A busy day spent planning the first ever baby shower I had ever organised or in fact attended.  I wanted something effective to wear so I threw on my animal print cardigan with my me made tube skirt.  It's the second thing I ever made on an overlocker and it's holding up well.

Phew so there we have it last week partially mocked up but fully documented.  Hope you are all enjoying May as much as I am.  I just love seeing everyone's finery.

Until next time,

Take a picture it last longer mwah!

Miss D



  1. Houseofpinheiro19 May 2012 at 22:02

    You have such fun wardrobe, my favourites are the sensha Minnie mouse and the lobster nacarron. Gorgeous

  2. Great photos and clothes!  Thanks for sharing the giggles.
    I'm a Hugh FW fan too - he suits his hair shorter don't you think?

  3.  Loving the photos of your outfits. I'll really have to give this challenge a go sometime.