Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 3 in the big Me Made May'12 house

Ahoy there,

It's still raining hard in Brighty but it's okay because I'm housebound at present working on some bits and bobs for a little adventure I'm taking tomorrow.

Just a short and sweet post today because I've already waxed lyrical about the Holiday Cafe Owner skirt previously.  It's actually the skirt from the Colette Macaron.  Originally, I was going full on Macaron but time as always was my enemy so she ended up as just a skirt but I'm happy with that and especially how nautical she looks with my H&M anchor vest from many moons ago when I shopped.  I've not completely given up but I have to say that's one of the other happy bonuses of sewing is that I'm no longer a consumer driven diva.  Instead I look for inspiration and then I make whoopee :)

Rocking Heidi hair - "Grandfather where are you?"

What does differ from my wearing of this skirt now as opposed to Self Stitched September is that I had style asymmetric do more Rhianna than Phil Oakey though I have had a Phil in the past.  I may have already gone on about this a lot but last year I decided to make a commitment yes the fly by the seat of my pants kind of a girl decided to jump into a long term investment - my hair not an ISA ;-)  So as the pic reveals I can barely contain my excitement that I now have just enough hair to French braid.  As the year goes on I will bring hair updates as I work towards my ultimate dream do a full beehive.

Right back to the grind darlings.  Have a lovely day whatever the weather in your part of the world.

Until next time remember - the higher the hair the closer to heaven.

Miss D



  1. Love the hair (and the outfit!)!  Sadly, I'm one of those gals with absolutely zero ability to do hair-- I can't style it for the life of me!  I'll live vicariously through your gorgeous 'dos!

  2. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven - and I'm sure you said that in your best Texas drawl, right? LOL

    Loving the outfit!

  3. Houseofpinheiro4 May 2012 at 23:59

    Loving this look Hun x