Thursday, 31 May 2012

Me Made Days 12 - 22

Ciao darlings,

A touch behind with the Me Made May'12 blogging apols but I've been all tied up creating a commission for Macmillan Cancer Support that I will blog about in due course.

Day 12 - no photo I'm afraid because I was too busy running my lovely friend Lana's baby shower and forgot to get a picture but I was rushing around in the Luck of the Irish dress.  It obviously did give me a lot of luck because the shower was a storming success, which was not bad as prior to my research I had no idea what a occurred at a baby shower.

Day 13 - Another day of no photos but I was rocking my flamingos PJs that I made for Karen's pyjama party.  It had been a hectic week and I'm not ashamed to say I spent the entire day in pyjamas or as I like to think of them leisure wear ;-)

Day 14 - I went for a two tone rude girl look  to go about my business.

My me made item is the hand crocheted bow tie that I made last year.  It had it's first outing when I finally got to see some of my fave musical style icons The Specials.

Day 15 - I had a couple of interviews to sort out and I felt the need to be efficient yet foxy so it had to be the I Heart Joanie Forever dress

Day 16 - I had a Brighton Fringe event to hit up and nothing to wear.  No fear though because I used one one of my mending projects.   The checked librarian dress took a turn for the worst and developed a big old hole :(  I wasn't going to let it go down like that and instead made it shorter to heal the hole and nipped off the arms by doing a machine lined bodice to strengthen it.

The before and after :)

The mended version got rocked at The Iron Boot Scrapers gig - they're an ace Brighton based band that  play versions of modern songs using trumpets and what not in a trad jazz style.  Check them out below doing their version of Rhianna's Umbrella.

Day 17 - I had a busy day winding up with a lovely Stitch and Bitch at Purl so I yanked out the polka dot secret agent dress.

Oona provided the tutorial for this simple but foxy dress.  I urge you to get involved you will not regret it.

Day 18 - I'm not putting picture up of me for this day because I wanted to post one of a dear friend of mine who was incredibly supportive of my various making escapades and whose funeral I attended.  Tanya was my youngest brother's best friend's Mum and an amazing lady who sadly lost her battle with cancer.  She was an ace knitter, a keen crafter and all around fantastic person who I feel very lucky to have known and very sad to have said good bye too.

Tanya - a very good soul indeed xxx

Day 19 - I had a day with the family whilst back home and I decided to wear something really bright in honour of Tanya so I whipped on the Sunshine of My Life skirt because I know it would make her smile.

Day 20 - Zoe, my friend Aymi and I made the most of the sun to hit up some open houses.  There was still a nip in the air so I twinned the Supergirl half circle skirt with my electric blue trench coat.

Clothes aren't the only thing that has got mended in May.  My beloved bike Rita who had been robbed of her wheels finally got fixed up thanks to my legendary Uncle Brian and is now sporting an electric blue pair, which match nicely with my skirt ;-)

Day 21 - I had the last day of my intermediate sewing course at Sew in Brighton so I popped on my Mime Artist stretch top and a headscarf to get down to business.  I picked up loads of tips as always and I'm going to use my gathering skills on my latest make the Ripe Ones Are More Juicy dress - post to follow.

Day 22 - The sun came out to play and the obvious choice was a seafood based the Lobster mini.  

There we go a whistle stop tour of mid May.  Hope you've all been having a fabulous time in the sunshine.

Ta ta for now sweethearts,



  1. Houseofpinheiro31 May 2012 at 20:12

    Lovely mmm selecting Hun. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend x

  2. Didyoumakethat31 May 2012 at 22:47

    What an awesome collection of super-cool outfits. I love your bike also - blue wheels! Sorry to hear you have bid goodbye to your friend. Your skirt is a wonderful tribute to her.

  3. Nice outfits, miss!  You're so fashionable!  I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, too.  She sounded like a cool lady.  :(

  4. What a fab assortment of outfits!  So sorry to hear about your friend - the 'Sunshine of my Life' skirt is the perfect tribute. xx

  5. Rehanon, May was a month of happiness and sadness, but you fell the lows to appreciate the highs, and Tanya is sending you lots of inspirational craftiness as her legacy :-)  Beautiful clothes, beautiful person, love you xxx