Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A skirt but not as you know it.

Hey y'all,

How the devil are you?  I don't know about you but it's getting very breezy around Demeanour HQ so much so I've had to swap the flip flops for slippers but a new season brings a whole new gamut of sewing projects :)

I have to tell you about the secret project I was working on before I cut a swathe into my Autumnal sewing, which will include making a replica of the gorgeous scarlet cloak worn by Juliette Binoche in Chocolat.  It will mean having to watch the film again so I can pick out an accurate pattern but I think I can push myself to suffer a 120 minutes of Johnny Depp for my sewing ;-)

Those amongst you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will have heard me warbling on about big project involving wood and wire.  Well it was actually a skirt I was making but as the title of this post suggests it was no ordinary skirt even by Miss D standards ;-)

Not your average skirt making equipment!

Back in August the amazing organisation that is Macmillan Cancer Support asked me if I could replicate the skirt below to raise awareness of their biggest fundraising event, World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

Basically, a human cake stand.

Well me being the notorious yes person that I am said of course with blind faith and sheer determination. Papa Demeanour is a builder and my youngest brother is an expert woodsman so I thought I had adequate experts to reach out to if necessary.  I am pleased to say despite a change in height (the skirt not me) and several wire cuts I did in fact achieve the make :)

This is the stand half way through.

Here's the lovely Sarah from Macmillan decorating the skirt on the day of the shoot.

Me grabbing my time in the spotlight

And finally the professional.  The lovely Lucy Mecklenburgh from The Only Way is Essex.  Doesn't she look just edible ;-)

The 300 something cupcakes were supplied by LOLA's and having demolished several of them after the shoot I can completely vouch for their absolute nomness.

So there you have it that's what I've been up to for the past few weeks.  I'm always really happy to work with Macmillan as they're such a wonderful organisation and the tireless work they do is so close to my heart having lost some wonderful souls in my life to cancer.

The event raised over £10 million last year and you can help them raise even more.

You too can get involved as World's biggest Coffee Morning takes place on 28th September 2012.  You could host one yourself or get a long to one taking place near you. Get all the details here.  You get to have a sit down, eat some lovely cake, chat with friends and raise money for an excellent cause.

Right I'm off for a well deserved sit down before I get cracking on several bridesmaid dresses.

Until next time keep wrapped up.


Miss D