Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bet Lynch Eat Your Heart Out Leopard NL 6000

Hello and Merry Christmas,

I said I wouldn't leave a big gap between posts - never say never.  Anywho rather than go on about my lapsed attention to my blog I will show you the first make that has broken my several week sewing hiatus.

A few weeks ago I spotted on the love Scruffy Badger's blog that she was making a decision on a new frock for Christmas and one of the runners and riders was New Look 6000.  Well it won out in the end because it was a lovely piece of vintagey looking gorgeousness.  She then asked fellow bloggers if they would like to join the festive frock fest.  I was all over it like a cheap suit knowing that I'd had had some lovely leopard and black wool for the contrasting collar and cuffs.

As I've said before I love leopard and the joy of another leopard print frock in time for the party season was too hard a pull to resist.  I had hoped to get it finished last weekend for my friend's 30th birthday but because I'd decided to do a bit of a number on the collar to make it look a little more dramatic and several social engagements and a crocheted blanket amongst other things meant it was only finished Thursday night.

In the spirit of Scruffy herself who made a Pan Am style dress that is gorgeous and acted as an air hostess as the plane was going down I story boarded a little photo shoot yesterday morning.  One of the neighbours spotted me through the window and gave me the look of this area is going downhill but hey it's Christmas it inspires silliness.

This is the sort of fabulous dressed lady I'd like to see in an emergency situation.

So here she is Leopard NL6000 Bet Lynch Eat Your Heart Out!  For those wondering I am wearing a wig as I grow my hair and cross fingers for a real life beehive in 2012.

The beauty of the dress is you can do a bit of light sweeping while feeling glamourous.

Then take a little rest while the bubbles settle on your Babycham.

Then take a call from one of the gals.

Then another call and another Babycham it be rude not too.

It was a long conversation and I've worked hard on the dress so I deserve the bottle.  Bottoms up!

So there we have it my lovely new leopard frock, which I'll be wearing out tonight and probably the wig as well.  I'm already thinking of new variations for what is a fabulous pattern.  

I will post separately on my activities over the time I've been away, which have included crafts of other sorts but for now I'm firmly back in the saddle and about to attempt in my usual last minute fashion a new dress for Christmas day.  I've got 8 hours and counting!

I'll let you know how I get on later but for now chin chin my dears and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

Until next time keep it glittery,

Miss D