Monday, 24 October 2011

Title: Hey I'm Rehanon aka Miss Demenanour

Hey there,

Thanks for popping by and welcome to my first plunge into the blogosphere.  I've been meaning to start one for ages but as with everything in my life I'm fashionably late ;-)

Just to set the scene I'm sitting at my laptop dressed head to toe in leopard print including my slippers with a polka dot headband, a glass of red and a bit of Prince on in the background.

I've been meaning to start writing this blog for ages but I kept think I'd work out how to tart it up first but after much tooting and fruiting, which is typical of me, speaking to and being encouraged by Zoe of So Zo  the time is now and  I can worry about the detail later.

I'll tell you a bit more about me in the cleverly named about me section.  Suffice to say the reason I'm starting to blog is I've always wanted to keep a diary but never got round to it and I've taken up sewing after a bout of insomnia in January of this year and a random google search led me to Tilly's blog.  The first post  I read was her one year anniversary and I just couldn't believe the number and the fantasticness (I think I will enjoy the freedom to make up words that blogging allows)  of all the clothes she'd made.
I was hooked and the next day I booked some sewing lessons with the lovely and excellent Kat and Jac's sewing school and by March I made the first of many leopard print items it was revelatory to me.

Tilly's blog led me on to several others including Zoe's who I found out had just moved to Brighton and we ended up hooking up through Craftaganza and my obsession with dressmaking was all sewn up bah boom (sorry I had to get a pun in the first post somewhere).

Anywho I think this is enough for my first post except to say I hope to use this blog to document my sewing journey and life in general.

I hope whoever finds their way to it enjoys reading it as much I hope I will enjoy writing it.

Until next time keep it foxy.


Miss Demeanour