Monday, 20 August 2012

It's all happening baby

Ahoy there,

The Good Ship Demeanour is finally docking long enough for me to write about my voyages.  It's been a while crocodile darlings but don't take my lack of blogging as a lack of activity in fact it's been quite the opposite my dears.  I've been running round like I'm on fire and have kept meaning to document said madness but other things have been popping up like the Olympics, three babies (not mine) oh four if you count my friend Shirley's kitten, wedding prep i.e. clothing and cakes and a new commission that has become a grand design.  Unfortunately, I can't reveal anything about it until sometime in September but rest assured you'll be the first to know.

So hold on to your summer hats - yay for the sun finally showing its face - while I give you a whistle stop ride through my latest adventures in making :)

First up I finished what I called the summer by the sea blanket, which was a present for my little niece Min.

After spotting gorgeous blankets by the lovely Karen and Shivani I had to make one for her because she's a blanket fiend and her current one was disintegrating. It's the best use of scrap wool.

Next up after being so giving I felt I was deserving of a little something, something for me.  So I decided to take the Craftsy Sassy Librarian Blouse course, which I can thoroughly recommend.  It's taught by the retro lovely lady that is Christine Haynes.  I have previously bought the bombshell course, which has still not been completed but is very high on the to do list once I get through wedding extravaganza that will be the next month and a half.  Anywho I've wanted a lovely retro style blouse for ages.  The joy of being able to sew means that I can make buttons fasten properly over the girls without having to pick a size that resembles a sack elsewhere.

The summer of 69 blouse made from fabric I gnabbed in the Brighton swap courtesy of the ever stylish Kathryn of Yes I Like That fame

There's several options including sleeveless and pin tucking but I really wanted a traditional blouse but with a foxy twist, which was possible with the addition of this lairy fabric :)

The day following this make the rain came again and my days did it come so what's a girl to do.  I'll tell you - make a Hawaiian kimono style dress that's what.  After seeing the blooming lovely Stitch and Witter's birdy version of the Salme kimono dress I knew the pattern needed to be mine.  I also knew my wardrobe would benefit from some more stretchy items so I used a couple of metres of colourful viscose to make the Aloha kimono.  It's such a great pattern and comes together so quickly.  I made the whole thing from cutting to wearing in just over 3 hours using the overlocker for the whole thing - sweet!

Your eyes do not deceive you I am indeed the proud owner of a plastic coconut cup.  I just need the Hula lady lamp and my kitsch palace will be complete ;-)

Next up for the next generation of makers.  My good friend, Lana gave birth to her first small person and naturally I had to make him something - it would be rude not too.  So little bubba bear got a crocheted hat.  I made it using eco cotton so cool enough to wear in the non existent summer we were having at the time.

The absolute cuteness of the hat was displayed in my face :)  I used this ace pattern by Osito.  It only took a couple of hours to make but has brought much joy according to Mama bear :)

Then after a four year wait the Olympics were upon us and I must admit I wasn't really too excited until a week before when I caught a documentary about Team GB.  I'm a sucker for a back story and to hear how much effort these people had put into to get them to the start line well you'd have to have a hard heart to not be swept up by it.  I along with pretty much everyone I've spoken too was awed and in love with the whole affair.  I hadn't got tickets but I managed to cycle into the city to see the triathlon and I can confess I cried as I stood by the Serpentine and saw the Brownlee brothers take gold and bronze respectively.  I also swooned big time when I saw his Royal Hotness David Beckham blasting up the Thames on a speed boat!  *wobbles at the memory*

So inspired was I that I've signed up for the Brighton half marathon in February - wish me luck!  I will be training with Fit Bitch running club and I'll update you on my progress towards the finish line.

Knowing full well I'll never be going for gold myself I crafted my way to one. You can too with some acrylic wool and a spare hour.

As soon as the games were upon us it seemed like no time at all until I was back down the sea front watching the closing ceremony on the big screen.  But I'm hoping the positive effect they've had on us all will stay a long while and will indeed inspire a generation.  All the efforts of stars like Mo, Jessica, Greg and Sir Chris inspired one last make in me.  

I wanted a new summer dress for my jaunt to Berlin so I used a very loud piece of fabric and a self drafted bodice and full skirt pattern to make the Rio Here We Come dress.

So there you have it my darlings this is what I've been up too for the last few weeks and there's no let up at Demeanour HQ anytime soon.  The next order of business is the final fittings of the toile bridesmaid dresses for the lovely Laura's wedding :)  

The last day of Laura's hen do and the sun came out :)  Feel so lucky to be making outfits for such wonderful women.

I'll be back soon with an update of my escapades.  

Until next time let's take one last look at Becks on the boat ;-)

Love Miss D



  1. Where to begin, oh, where to begin?! Not only have you made one million awesome things but you feature a clip of DB and you are entering the Brighton Half!!! So much joy in one blog post.

  2. What a fabulous post. I'm with Karen--where to begin?? All of your creations are amazing. Your style is so cute. I especially love that blouse. And Becks!! My friend and I have actually adopted that as an exclamation. Instead of something like "Oh my", "Golly", or "Good heavens!", we say "Becks on a boat!!" Thanks for the clip and the happy garments!

  3. You did the kimono dress in three hours? Wow. They're all lovely but I think that obe's my favourite.

  4. pincushiontreats21 August 2012 at 11:32

    You've been quite a busy beaver! I love how Hawaiian your kimono dress is. And your blouse is really pretty as well.

    Good luck on your half training! Hope you have a personal best :)

  5. Ooooooh Becks....... wait a minute, think I just blacked out for a second! What a guy! LOVE your new Rio-tastic dress! So fab!

  6. Ooooooh Becks....... wait a minute, think I just blacked out for a second! What a guy! LOVE your new Rio-tastic dress! So fab!